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It’s Slime Time

Ever seen one of these videos?

Us too. What kid is not cra-ey-zeee for slime these days? It’s one unifying kiddo factor that gets all the parents gaga. Ever experienced these?

  • Missing shampoo
  • Missing lotions
  • Missing toothpaste
  • Borax questions
  • Messy messy slime-periments
  • Interest in cleaning products…hello Joy dishwashing liquid
  • And many other slime quest shennanigans

How about if we tell you that we could solve your problem in one fun activity? Because we hear your slimey woes, we are doing a hands-on Slime Making Camp! Isn’t that marvelous?

IT”S SLIME TIME! Yes, it really is. A wish come true for every budding scientist or magician wanna be and of course, for parents too. No more nagging about Borax and other annoying slime questions (because it gets annoying if it is asked for the bazillion time).

From slime-periments to this in no time:



Mark your calendars for a slime-mazing fun time this January 13 and 14 at 10AM and up. Venue to be announced this weekend.

You can book the kiddos seat by clicking this link:

Got Questions? Please feel free to message us by filling up the form:

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Ho-ho-ho He-llo! It is the most wonderful time of the year, indeed! And Rainbow Mix Shop has made it even more wonderful for all Ormoc City Based Online Sellers and Start-ups as we introduce to you an opportunity wherein we can build a community of supporters in our goals towards growing our micro-businesses.

If you are reading this, chances are, you might want to take the next step from Online selling to testing it out in a much more Physical setting. If so, our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY 2017 BAZAAR might be the right opportunity for you to do just that. This year, we are opening our doors to a very limited number of Online Sellers and Start-ups  who could use the chance to test out the market and also to enjoy the rewards of the gift giving season wherein the demands for both products and services are at a natural high.

The aims of Rainbow Mix Shop are simple and plain. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to try out their entrepreneurial dream and that with the proper support and encouragement, ideas can flourish and can turn into opportunities which will allow the person to live out their passion while earning from it.

Are you ready to take the next step? If you are, Rainbow Mix Shop is more than ready to be your partner for growth. Please fill up the form completely so we can assess your inquiry and give you the much needed feedback. Please do not forget to double check the important details such as your contact information and shop URL so can verify your inquiry.


Fields marked with an * are required

Please expect us to contact you in the following days using the information you have submitted. Hence, it might be a good idea to double check the details you provided.

Happy Holidays from Rainbow Mix Shop, Home of Omoc City Local Sellers!

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Smart Ways To Manage Your 13th Month Pay

One of the most exciting part of the Holiday Season for the employed is the 13th month pay and for the very few lucky ones, it reaches 14th, 15th and even 16th month pay! Not to mention the Christmas bonuses and other incentive that comes along the merriest year end month that is just lurking around the corner.

As Filipinos, celebrating Christmas is deeply ingrained in our culture. It shows in our going the extra mile to help build the atmosphere of festivity. From decorating our houses, Christmas gift list chronicles for the godchildren a.k.a. ina-anaks, the blasting of Jose Mari Chan medleys, the Noche Buena planning, to even completing the Misa de Gallo Mass. A whole lot and more comes with the traditional Filipino Christmas celebration.

Any celebration, no matter how joyous of an occasion, also cost a lot money. Although the 13th month pay can be used to fund our Christmas experiences, we also strongly suggest a few excellent tips to smartly handle and manage your 13th month pay and even to grow it! Read on…


If you have not started one yet, perhaps now is the best time to start or if you have, now is the best time to even grow it more. Emergency funds help you prepare for unforeseen events and is a sure way to help you come up with a budget in the event of unfortunate emergencies or even job loss.


If you don’t have debts, Congratulations! You are one of the very lucky few who is a rockstart in money management and a hashtag blessed individual who never had to encounter any emergency to throw finances off balance. But for most, this seems hard to avoid especially in emergency cases. Hence, the importance of building your emergency fund as stated in rule number 1. Debts cost a lot in interest rates. whatever kind of debt you have, speed up the payment and make use of the small windfall to pay it off.


It is common misconception that we need a whole lot of money to be able to make investments. Saving your extra money in the bank is no longer a smart choice these days because inflation rises so much faster than the interest rate and over time, you will never get to enjoy or build up any asset for long term goals such as retirement. You can talk to your trusted bank or financial consultant to know more about your options.


The rising cost of living has made it a challenge for the entire household to depend on salary alone. Having a second source of income can make a difference in your finances. The holiday season is a perfect opportunity for you to start a small business. The options are endless from party food, handcrafted cards and ornaments, toys, novelty items, cosmetics, gift baskets, clothes, and a whole lot more. The possibilities to earn extra money should also be combined with efforts and perseverance on your end.

These simple tips can spell a big difference in liberating your finances. Smartly managing and handling your 13th month pay or any extra cash could be your key to financial freedom.

Do you have a few tips too? Let us know in the comment section.


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Ex-Meal Time Grump



You certainly don’t want that kind of face during meal time and neither do we. So today, we share some of our tips to erase that grumpy look from little ones face during meal time and to make the day more manageable with a happy, smiling, well-fed baby in your arms.


TIP NUMBER ONE: Give it an extra dollop of flavor.

In case you missed our last post, Ten Pesos Baby Food Menu, you can see that is indeed possible to do away with expensive ready-to-eat, store bought food and stick to easy to find, healthier (think all natural, no preservatives) yet super economical food choices.

Since we already have our basic idea on how to initially prepare the food, one simple step of mixing a little bit more breastmilk or formula to suit baby’s taste won’t hurt. If you are wondering how much of a little bitwe are talking about, trust me, you would know from little ones face.


TIP NUMBER TWO: Establish a little bit of fun routine for little one’s meal time.

Do you notice how little one’s face light up to a certain song or nursery rhyme? Try playing that during meal time and it will instantly lift little one’s mood. Once this is established, he will develop an association with both fun and meal time and you will get him to settle to his happy self during the most important part of the day.


TIP NUMBER THREE: Bring fun items to your meals.

No, we are certainly not talking about toys. Toys are a big no-no companions during mealtimes and will only add to distracting little one from the food that he needs to eat. Remember, our little ones needs all the nourishment at this crucial point in development. We suggest colorful meal chair or utensils and even a simple fun bib, which is our go to fun item for meal times. It does not distract the baby but rather adds excitement to the meal time as he can pretend to eat with a fun bib friend (think animal designed bibs) and our most favorite, it certainly makes clean up time a whole lot easier.


With the three tips, it is easy to turn grumpy meal time baby to….”MEAL TIME IS MY FAVORITE!” Baby.


Do you have other meal tips to share? We look forward to hear about it.

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The Ten Pesos Baby Food Menu

Yes, you read that right. It really is Ten Pesos! Say goodbye to expensive ready-to-eat packaged food for baby and say a BIG helooow to DIY baby food making that is healthier and not to mention, the most economical choice. Now, we can save up for other important matters for the family.


Baby food making has never been this fast and easy. All you need is a fork to mash the ingredients with and you are practically ready to go. There is no need to stock up on store bought baby food when we can opt to feed our little ones with homemade, nutritious goodness from readily available ingredients. Mash away, mommies!



Essential Vitamins and Minerals present:

Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and Copper

Cost of Banana Serving: Php 5.00

How to Prepare Banana:

Select a banana that is yellow and ripe but not too tender to touch. It should also have less black spots. Once peeled, bananas do not require pre-washing prior to being mashed, so long as handler does not disregard food safety measures. Please note that bananas tends to undergo some browning once prepared.



Essential Vitamins and Minerals present:

B Complex Vitamins, High Calorie content (for energy)

Cost of Rice Serving: Php 3.00

How to Prepare Rice:

Choose small grained rice. For baby food, it is best to rinse twice and soak first for an hour before boiling. You have to boil until it reaches a paste like consistency. Once cooked to the desired texture, you can mash using the back side of the spoon. Before serving, you can also add a little breastmilk or formula to the cooked rice for taste.



Essential Vitamins and Minerals present:

Protein, Vitamins A, B, B6, C, D, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron

Cost of Egg Serving: Php 6.00

How to Prepare Eggs:

The best way to prepare an egg for baby food is by boiling and simply mashing. Always start with the freshest of eggs and you can also opt to mash the boiled egg with a little breastmilk or formula.


See? Baby Food Making can be super easy and economical plus healthier for baby too. Enjoy!