Welcome to the retail world of RAINBOW MIX SHOP where the traditional physical shop meets the exciting world of virtual shopping! We are the home of Ormoc City’s favorite, forward-thinking online sellers, bazaaristas and micro-brand owners.

Rainbow Mix Shop is a duly registered business in the Philippines. We have years of legitimate track record behind us.  You can always trust to buy with utmost confidence from Rainbow Mix Shop, our Brand Partners and all our verified affiliate seller.


Hoot hoot for all things cute! LITTLE OWLS offers selections that matches the cuteness level of teeny weeny babies and terribly charming toddlers.



Behind this fashion line is the tween sister tandem Via, aged 11 and Athena, aged 9. Keen on not being too princessy or superheroey, V&A FASHION truly understands the fashion needs of growing human soul torn in-between the not a big kid/not an teen phase.


We are also offering our own in-house Wholesale Collections for all aspiring entrepreneurs to start their journey with.



Convenience is still one of the top key for every buying decision. Here at DropBox53, we take this with high regard. This service allows affiliated online sellers the freedom to make Rainbow Mix Shop the pick-up point of purchase making it possible to do away with the constant communication of meet-ups. Upon delivery of the seller’s goods, the buyers are given two days time-frame to pick-up and pay for the items at their most convenient time within the allotted period, subject to standard operation hours.


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