Brand Partnership

Are you ready to take your micro-business to the next level? Because we are more than ready to partner with you!


Rainbow Mix is borne out of dreams and fueled by passion. We dream that there should be opportunities for deserving individuals to have a place in the tough world of entrepreneurship. We are fueled by our passion to create innovative solutions in community development. All these we aim in honor to our roots of struggles and sacrifices, because once, we have been at the bottom of it all.


We are encouraging other like-minded micro-entrepreneurs to be one with our advocacy and beliefs that with the proper encouragement and support, we can take micro-businesses to greater heights through Brand Partnership. It is the ultimate gateway of a micro-business owner to properly showcase products without the burden of additional capitalization required of a traditional business.


Brand Partnership through Rainbow Mix offers the platform to conduct business in a commercial setting without the need to secure substantial amount of seed money for lease arrangements and fixtures. We also answer to the needs of compliance in all government regulations. You are assured that the bulk of your precious resources will be converted into inventories to give your business the best head-start.


Through Brand Partnership, solutions are readily made available for micro start-ups to fully concentrate on the essentials such as getting the business from concept to profitability. We allow a room for micro-entrepreneurs to test the market before venturing out on a much larger scale. Apart from the further development of entrepreneurial skills set, Brand Partnership also bridges gaps and issues specific to micro-business ownership. Rainbow Mix is not only a partner in empowerment but it is also a generator of opportunities for both the micro-business owners and the entire local community. When locally owned micro-businesses thrives, a healthy financial ecosystem is fostered leading to community growth.


Rainbow Mix is a multi-brand lifestyle store which showcases the best and most resilient of Ormoc City’s micro-entrepreneurs. We envision all our collaborative efforts as a way to deliver products to our respective target market in the most cost effective method while generating healthy profit margins to ensure sustainability and further growth.


If you have any questions in mind or if you simply want to give us a feedback, kindly do not hesitate to reach us through our Contact Us page.


If our causes resonates with you and if you have the perfectly unique products to add to our line-up, please do us a favor of letting us hear from you! Kindly fill up the form below so we can gladly get back to you.

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